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Declaraciones de impuestos de Canadá

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We have a range of tax services for Canadian citizens and residents. We’ll provide you with a free tax refund estimation and file your tax return.

We offer:

  • The right service for you

    Single? Common-law partner? Homeowner? No matter what your circumstances, we can look after your tax return
  • Consideration of tax deductions and credits

    We’ll review your circumstances and check that you are availing of all applicable tax relief.
  • Free tax refund calculation

    Our free tax refund calculator provides an instant refund estimation
  • Online tracking

    We’ll provide your with access to our secure online Tax Tracker so you review the progress on your tax return
  • Audit assistance

    If your case is audited, we can deal with the CRA on your behalf at no extra cost
  • Tax return amendments

    If your tax return has been filed incorrectly, we can review and amend your tax return

Tenemos una amplia variedad de servicios fiscales para ciudadanos y residentes canadienses, por lo que siempre tendremos la solución indicada para usted. Podemos presentar su declaración de impuestos de Canadá y averiguar si pagó de más. Puede optar entre nuestro servicio de preparación de declaraciones de impuestos y el de preparación y presentación de declaraciones de impuestos.

Si le corresponde un reembolso de impuestos, podemos solicitárselo a la CRA en su nombre.

Presentaremos su declaración de impuestos de Canadá y averiguaremos si recibirá un reembolso de impuestos

Presentar una declaración de impuestos cada año puede parecer un fastidio, pero existen dos buenas razones para que lo haga: en primer lugar, debe presentar una declaración de impuestos por ley y en segundo lugar, al presentarla, usted también verá si le corresponde un reembolso de impuestos. Todo esto no reduce el stress de juntar todos sus documentos y tratar de averiguar como presentar una declaración de impuestos de Canadá. Ahi es donde nosotros entramos. Presentamos declaraciones de impuestos de miles de canadienses cada año, asi que puede confiar de que somos expertos presentando declaraciones de impuestos de Canadá.
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Datos útiles de los impuestos del ciudadano canadiense

  • El año fiscal canadiense comienza el 1 de enero y termina el 31 de diciembre
  • Las declaraciones de impuestos de Canadá, deben presentarse antes del 30 de abril siguiente al fin de año fiscal para el que presenta su declaración
  • El reembolso promedio de impuestos fiscal para ciudadanos canadienses es de $998
  • La presentación de la declaración de impuestos puede ser a partir de los $20

Ofrecemos nuestro servicio de reintegro de impuestos de Canadá desde 1996

Más información

Como residente canadiense, sabe de que por ley, debe presentar una declaración de impuestos cada año, pero todo esto puede ser desalentador debido a la complejidad de los documentos y el amplio margen de error. Ahi es donde nosotros entramos. Completamos una devolución de impuestos simple y luego preparamos su declaración de impuestos y vemos si le corresponde un reembolso de impuestos. El reembolso de impuestos promedio para residentes canadienses es de $998, así que bien vale la pena ver si le corresponde un reembolso. Presentamos declaraciones de impuestos desde 1996, así que usted puede estar seguro que se encuentra en las manos más capaces con taxback.com.

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    The whole process is quick and easy. The agents are fantastic to deal with and really helpful. I have been using Taxback.com for years now and have no intention to ever change. The level of customer services and communication is brilliant. I am always kept up to date as soon as information is available.

    01 February 2019

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    Customer Service

    31 January 2019

  • Customer Avatar
    The personal communications from your agents made all the difference in my choice to use TaxBack. Overwhelmed with what should have been a simple process due to an error going back several years in my taxes, I gave up doing them myself and handed it over to TaxBack. I was assured all 3 years would be fixed and my refunds recieved. Once I handed over my paperwork I never had to ask about updates or remind my agent to do anything - they were so on top of it and made it so easy! Matthew Lloyd was especially helpful and I can't thank him enough for his continued clear communications and patient explanations which saved me so much time!

    30 January 2019

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    Tax Tracker service

    24 January 2019

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    Taxback.com has been so , so easy to use and understand . My agent Yordan Marinov was very helpful and had great patience with me as I'm not very good at doing anything like this on line .I have already told friends and family about Taxback and that they should use them .So easy and uncomplicated .

    23 January 2019

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    The agents are super helpful and efficient. I would rate them 8.5/10 .

    23 January 2019

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    Spot on. Very professional and efficient. Felt as if the organisation had my best interests at heart.

    22 January 2019

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    My tax manager Steven has been really very efficient since when I have been using Taxback. He has made it easy for me to make a smooth transition from being a Non-resident for tax filing (Sprintax) to Resident for tax filing (Taxback). The communications related to every document has been patiently explained to me no matter how many details I needed to know. You are doing a fantastic job Steven! Cheers to the Taxback Team! Thank you :)

    18 January 2019

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    it is very good

    15 January 2019

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    It's convenient and easy to use and I feel I'm being looked after.

    15 January 2019

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    Fast, convenient and friendly

    12 January 2019

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    Everyone that took care of my file was really helpful. The response was immediate. I find tax back the easiest way to file my tax returns. Thank you Taxback.com

    11 January 2019

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